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Phenotypic Feature Blood-circulation-disorder finds 12 Gene-Feature associations that are associated with 12 Genes

Gene OMIM Disease Phenotypic Feature Phenotype Annotation Clinical Category PMIDs
ACADM 201450 Blood-circulation-disorder cool extremities; blue extremities; perfusion abnormal; poor perfusion; slow capillary refill; probably dehydration related cardiovascular 11346377
ACADS 201470 Blood-circulation-disorder pale extremities; mottled extremities cardiovascular 3571488
ACADSB 610006 Blood-circulation-disorder cool extremities; peripheral pulse abnormal; barely palpable peripheral pulse; probably dehydration related cardiovascular 10832746
ALDH2 100650 Blood-circulation-disorder pronounced cardiovascular hemodynamic effects; hemodynamic abnormal cardiovascular 10780266
ATPAF2 604273 Blood-circulation-disorder poor peripheral circulation cardiovascular 14757859
DLD 248600 Blood-circulation-disorder peripher perfusion abnormal; circulatory failure; metabolic decompensation is infection triggered cardiovascular 9540846 10448086 12925875
HMGCL 246450 Blood-circulation-disorder peripheral circulation decreased; poor peripheral circulation; cold extremities cardiovascular 1886403 9463337
MCCC2 210210 Blood-circulation-disorder poor capillary circulation; circulation abnormal; cerebral blood flow decreased cardiovascular 15877210
NDUFS4 252010 Blood-circulation-disorder cold extremities cardiovascular 14765537
OTC 311250 Blood-circulation-disorder circulatory failure; circulatory instability cardiovascular 15174800
SCO2 604377 Blood-circulation-disorder poor perfusion cardiovascular 10545952
SURF1 220110 Blood-circulation-disorder mottling and cold extremities cardiovascular 16225813

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