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Phenotypic Feature Memory-disorders finds 13 Gene-Feature associations that are associated with 13 Genes

Gene OMIM Disease Phenotypic Feature Phenotype Annotation Clinical Category PMIDs
ABCD1 300100 Memory-disorders forgetfulness; carelessness; memory abnormal; personality change neurologic 9702690 14586615
ATP7B 277900 Memory-disorders cognitive impairment; impaired memory; impaired learning neurologic 9160075 9706533 15909172
CLN3 204200 Memory-disorders memory loss; impairment of short term memory; impairment of long term memory neurologic 9450775
CYP27A1 213700 Memory-disorders memory abnormal; memory dysfunctions; short term memory impaired neurologic 3344851 16157755 16278884
DMPK 160900 Memory-disorders memory tasks impaired; lower scores in all long term memory tasks; long term memory impaired; verbal memory impaired; visual memory impaired neurologic 15596617
ECGF1 603041 Memory-disorders impaired short term memory neurologic 16178026
GCDH 231670 Memory-disorders memory impairment neurologic 12473778
HD 143100 Memory-disorders memory impaired; cognitive functioning impaired; learning impaired; delayed verbal memory; learning deficit; planning deficit; recent memory impaired; procedural memory impaired neurologic 1825793 7473650 9443350 10749290 15878590
PANK2 234200 Memory-disorders memory problems neurologic 14639680
PEO1 607459 Memory-disorders deficiencies in short term memory; divided attention neurologic 15668446
SLC25A13 603471 Memory-disorders loss of memory neurologic 11153906 12602510
SPAST 182601 Memory-disorders memory impaired neurologic 11015453
WFS1 222300 Memory-disorders memory loss; short time memory loss neurologic 10521293

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