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Phenotypic Feature Pulmonary-edema finds 14 Gene-Feature associations that are associated with 14 Genes

Gene OMIM Disease Phenotypic Feature Phenotype Annotation Clinical Category PMIDs
ACADM 201450 Pulmonary-edema pulmonary oedema respiratory 15858970
DGUOK 251880 Pulmonary-edema pulmonary hypertension and edema; pulmonary arterial hypertension respiratory 15883261 16263314
ETFB 231680 Pulmonary-edema stasis and edema of the lungs respiratory 9350306 12815589
ETHE1 602473 Pulmonary-edema pulmonary congestion; wet lung respiratory 7726376
HADH 231530 Pulmonary-edema patchy lung infiltrates; pulmonary congestion; edema respiratory 10347277
HADHA 609015 Pulmonary-edema lung edema; granular density in both lungs respiratory 12971428
HADHA 609016 Pulmonary-edema lower lobe collapse; patchy ground glass changes; patchy consolidations; pulmonary fibrosis; interstitial fibrosis; bronchoalveolar infiltrates; pulmonary congestions; pulmonary oedema; pulmonary collapse; pneumothoraces respiratory 7846063 9003853 11855930 14605499
HADHB 609015 Pulmonary-edema hyaline membrane disease respiratory 16423905
MCCC2 210210 Pulmonary-edema radiographic transparency decreased; interstitial pneumopathy; pneumopathy; interstitial inflammation; emphysema; alveolar cell metaplasia respiratory 9537490
OXCT1 245050 Pulmonary-edema lung field infiltrates; patchy nodular infiltrates; vascular congestion; pulmonary edema respiratory 9392403 11757586
PEO1 271245 Pulmonary-edema Pathology findings; pulmonary stasis and edema respiratory 9879682
SDHB 115310 Pulmonary-edema paroxysmal pulmonary oedema respiratory 15473885
SLC25A20 212138 Pulmonary-edema focal infiltrates; pulmonary infiltrates; dystelectasis respiratory 10876004 12859414
SURF1 220110 Pulmonary-edema edema; pulmonary edema; congestion respiratory 9837813 10647889 15214016 16225813
TAZ 300183 Pulmonary-edema edema; pulmonary edema respiratory 9332651

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